Monthly Archives: March 2023

Gigs Update

Since launching the new CD in February we have travelled all over East Anglia playing some lovely venues to attentive appreciative audiences, thank you to all those that came along.

Here are the listings for the next Month or two.

March 23rd. With Karen Macwhinnie. Little Embers Session, Talbot Hotel Oundle.

2nd April. Kelly and Woolley. West Norfolk Radio, live session.

3rd April Support for Gilmore and Roberts, Colchester Arts Centre.

12th April. Bury Folk Collective Song Competition

30th April. With Karen Macwhinnie, The Waterman Secret Garden Session.

6th May. With Karen Macwhinnie. The Six Bells, Covent Garden, Cambridge.

8th May. Event in Ware, Herts.

12th May. Waveney Folk Club, Lowestoft.

24th June. With Karen Macwhinnie, Bury Folk Festival.