Monthly Archives: March 2016


a little gathering of instruments...we can only play one at a time...
Well that was a lovely weekend spent at the  The North Yorkshire Cajun and Zydeco Festival. Lovely people and Malton is a really beautiful market town. We played in a superb Art Deco dance hall /  theatre. Lots of people dancing to our renditions of classic Cajun. Lots of gigs coming up so watch this space.

Lots going on.










Sorry to have not updated for a while but there was lots going on. After our slot in the bar at the Apex as support for Gordie MacKeeman two weeks ago we had another great night at the Boathouse a week later, we probably tried one too many new songs but it was a superb night with loads of great music.

This week we have been rehearsing for next weekend’s visit to the Yorkshire Cajun Festival  2016 and Matt brought along a new song that has real potential. We also came up with a new party piece which is our version of Bosco Stomp, it took us a while to get the structure sorted but then it fell into place. Those Cajun folk certainly make things look very easy and relaxed when sometimes there is all sorts of stuff going on.

We have also been asked to do a slot at the Thriplow Daffodil Festival on the 17th of April, then there are several things in the pipeline for May.